Director, Real Estate Valuer

MAS REM/Candidate RICS/SEC Swiss Experts Certification



After a significant experience gained in Italy as technical director for construction companies, he began working in Switzerland while obtaining his Real Estate and Valuation certificates.

In 2010, he began working within the Real Estate Technical Division at Tarchini Group SA. While completing his SEC, he worked at Brülhart & Partners SA as Real Estate Valuer. In 2018, he joined Capifid SA, as Real Estate Valuer. He has recently completed his MAS in Real Estate Management at Supsi in Lugano, and he’s a RICS candidate.

Since November 2020, he has been appointed director of Capifid Valutazioni Immobiliari. He collaborates with numerous companies worldwide (among which Fahrländer Partner) on special international valuations.


Capifid Valutazioni Immobiliari is a young and dynamic independent company specialized in real estate appraisals – for private clients, banking and insurance institutions – to deal with any real estate investment with knowledge and foresight. Although recently established, the company benefits from the decades of experience gained and consolidated by Emanuele Gianola, who has established his reputation as an efficient and reliable expert in Ticino, and at international levels.

Our experts are competent partners to carry out consulting activities for hereditary and corporate partitions related to real estate assets; to perform appraisals for property and insurance damages; to support in a transparent and understandable way to all interlocutors of any real estate project; to prepare technical reports, feasibility studies, and to manage and monitor the development of real estate projects as project and facility managers.

The professional reports prepared by the expert consultants of Capifid Valutazioni Immobiliari, holders of the ISO 17024 / SEC 04.1 personal certification in the context of real estate valuation, abide to the Swiss Valuation Standards (SVS), respecting international standards according to the criteria of trade associations (SIV / SEC) and according to clients’ specific requirements.

Capifid Valutazioni Immobiliari is making its way on the real estate market thanks to the professional and articulated services that make it a reliable, efficient and effective partner for its private and corporate, national and international clients, also due to the network of qualified and accredited professionals with whom it collaborates and the partnership with Capifid – Bullani SA, a consulting firm with which it can offer new innovative and integrated solutions.